Bilal Sheikh

Bilal Sheikh is a writer/photographer who works as a creative in advertising in the US. Born in Quetta, Pakistan, he has spent half of his life in different regions of Pakistan and then the other half in various countries around the world. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have been able to travel the world and to have lived with people from all different backgrounds. This has allowed him to become an ever-evolving person who has learned to put his apprehensions aside and see the world without borders, religion or gender. He strives to oppose becoming a slave to routine. This is precisely why every few months or so he packs up and leaves for a place he has never been to before. Having lived all over the world, he finds it unfair to pick favourites because he believes every place and every person has its/their own beauty and story that becomes part of this life. His goal is to bring these stories to the rest of the world through his own perspective. He believes that the remedy to life for him is writing, and storytelling. Another reason Bilal doesnʼt have favourite is because what was favourite to him at one point needs to be replaced over and over again with newer books, places, and most importantly, ideas. Bilal believes that the most important thing he needs to achieve is to continuously unlearn - unlearn traditions, religions, gender roles, societal norms - to allow his heart and mind to evolve and see the flaws, as well as the beauty of where he is coming from. This, in preparation for whatever may come next. Currently Bilal is working on a book of short stories that he hope to publish by 2019. To his friends, he is a somewhat funny guy, but not the usual ha ha funny, but more like “shit man, that's not funny” kinda funny. Other than that, he loves bread and cheese, and claims that if you put him in the oven, a pizza comes out. He also has a beard that can easily host a family of five.