The opulent annals of Cardi B’s music videos now include a footnote for Lebanese fashion designer, Nicolas Jebran. The American rapper recently released another hit titled ‘WAP’, featuring the current reigning rap queen, Megan Thee Stallion. The two stars are seen strutting down whimsical halls and flaunting zebra prints and, as Vulture’s Chris Murphy puts it best, “it’s all very Dr. Seuss, but make it NSFW in a fun way.”

Aside from the casual wildcat moseying in the background, the two performers’ colourful bodysuits added yet another zany element to the hip-hop bop. Cardi and Megan are both seen wearing custom Nicolas Jebran bodysuits, which have became the signature looks of the video. 

The music video is currently trending on YouTube, reaching over 50 million views in two days. Several other mega stars have donned some of the Beirut-born designer’s creations in the past, such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. 

The music video was released mere days after the Beirut explosion, which caused more than 150 deaths, thousands of injuries and left many more homeless. Jebran took to Instagram to express his conflicting emotions, feeling both gratitude for the project and devastation for his country. “Today, we were supposed to be excited. To celebrate a project in which we defied COVID-19 to achieve,” wrote Jebran. “However, our country is mourning and our faces can't even smile. Among the wreckage, the broken glass, and shattered offices lie the glowing colours of hope! For better tomorrows, we pray, we hope, we aspire! #WAP