Like so many events, big and small, the Corona pandemic has sent Paris Fashion Week into a bit of a spin and stands to fall short of past editions. Taking place between September 28th and October 6th, the event will see some designers present their work on physical runways, others digitally, while some have chosen not to take part altogether, including Lebanon’s Zuhair Mourad.

There’s a general feeling that the event will transpire to be ‘Paris Fashion Week Lite’, though steps have been taken by the Arab Fashion Council (AFC) to ensure Arab designers are given as large a platform as possible. In collaboration with Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, the AFC is set to host a special showroom and presentation that will be part of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar and spotlight designers from the region.

“The project is in line with the Arab Fashion Council’s vision to build an Arab economy based on creativity and to promote the Arab talents on a global scale,” Chief Strategy Officer of the AFC, Mohammed Aqra, in a statement. “This is the first strategic alliance project with our French counterparts.”

Under the possibly Jay Z and Kanye-inspired title, ‘Arabs in Paris’, the showroom will also act as a space for Middle Eastern designers to connect with international buyers and media. The showroom will officially open on September 30th, nestled alongside shops such as Dior and Fendi on Paris’ Rue Saint-Honore. The likes of Azzi & Osta (pictured in main image), Pose Design, Emergency Room, Aboud Jammal, Ecaille, (all Lebanese) are set to take part alongside Mada’En (Jordan) and Saad Collection (Azerbaijan).

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