In a rather bizarre, but quintessentially Emirati, turn of events, the United Arab Emirates’s Ministry of Interior has successfully completed trials – in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Federal Customs Authority and Abu Dhabi and Dubai Customs and Health Authorities - using K9 police dogs to detect Coronavirus, with a reported 92% accuracy.

The UAE has just completed a set of trials using K9 police dogs to detect Coronavirus, with a 92% accuracy rate. What’s...

Posted by Scene Arabia on Thursday, July 9, 2020


What’s more, the ministry was able to conduct the trials whilst avoiding putting the dogs at risk, thanks to the fact that the samples – which are swiped from the armpits of suspected cases - are placed inside cones, foregoing any direct contact between the dog and the virus itself. These trials took place in various field hospitals across the UAE.

“Figures indicate that dogs can quickly detect infected cases, help to protect key sites, effectively deal with huge crowds and secure large events, airports, etc..” commented the
ministry, “For this reason, they can be used in police patrols and securing malls….and other vital facilities.”

Pertaining to the future of this practice in further helping authorities to utilise K9 dogs to create safer spaces, the ministry has held workshops across the UAE – along with various countries and global health authorities – on studies and discussions surrounding this advancement.