The UAE Ministry of Education has announced that homework is cancelled in all government-run schools in the country starting next week.

The order will be in effect starting February 16 on 256 schools – 23 in Dubai and 233 in Abu Dhabi – as part of changes the Ministry is undertaking to improve the quality of education in the country.

Additional changes will include extending class time to 90 minutes, to be split between activities for mental stimulation, teaching, and practical activities. They will merge classes, eliminating short breaks between them, so that the hours of the school day remain the same.

Lubna Al Shamsi, acting executive director for schools, said the move aims to ensure pupils make the best use of their time during the school day, leaving time at home for family, which Al Shamsi points out is equally important for personal growth.

Finland – known to have the best educational system in the world – also implements the no-homework policy, and it has proven successful for children’s educational experiences.