The Migrant Kitchen, a catering service in New York founded by Palestinian-American Nasser Jaber, is doing its part during the coronavirus outbreak by shifting its operations to "mass feed" those impacted by the coronavirus outbreak by providing them with free, daily meals. On the front lines of this pandemic are health care workers, which the catering company is sending meals to, as well as providing meals to families impacted by the crisis in the vicinity of New York.

In the past few weeks, the US quickly became an epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, surpassing both Italy and China to become the country hit the hardest in the world by the pandemic.


With over 100,000 cases, health workers have been strained beyond measure in their fight against the rapidly spreading virus. Supplies and equipment have not been sufficient amid the rise of coronavirus hotspots across the U.S., and health workers are putting in over 80 hours a week in an effort to curb the continuing, exponential increase in cases. 

The Migrant Kitchen, which was founded in 2019 by both Jaber and US-based events company KD Event Group, is now collecting donations via GoFundMe, with the goal of donating 1,000 meals a day.


The service has already provided several hundred meals to workers at several COVID-19 treatment units in New York, including Bellevue Hospital Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

It aims to also send meals to centers sheltering people who are extremely vulnerable to the virus, and to community centres aiding families affected financially by the crisis due to job loss. 

The Migrant Kitchen is a service driven by its social impact mission, whereby it employs US-based immigrants to bring rotating menus that explore a slew of different cuisines to life.

Photos courtesy of The Migrant Kitchen.

You can donate to The Migrant Kitchen through GoFundMe.