The first Saudi women’s sports programme just launched on their national TV, and it’s called El Kora ‘Andena. The programme’s first episode aired during the Saudi 'Clasico' between national clubs Al Hilal SFC and Al Itihad FC, where the presenters gave their commentary during and after the match.

Sports analysts Nujoud al-Zahrani and Lama Al-Anazi accompanied presenter Nahed Al Ahmed to provide commentary on the landmark game, which came as part of the Saudi Professional League, the top division of Association football league in Saudi Arabia, making it the most important football league to take place in the kingdom. 

Saudi Arabia has been focusing many of its reforms on its sports industry, and more specifically, in the inclusion of women in sports. Only last week, the Saudi Sports for All Foundation announced the kingdom’s first women’s football league, which is taking place this month.

At the end of last year, the Kingdom also hosted Saudi women who participated - for the first time ever - in both race car events and an equestrian festival, opening up the less popular sports to women as well.

These reforms are all part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, which among many other goals such as modernising its economy, includes the goal of 'encouraging widespread and regular participation in sports and athletic activities,” both on and off the pitch.