The Arbor School in Dubai is a new ecological school, arguably the first of its kind in the UAE, that opened in the city in 2018, bringing with it a unique experiential approach to education. With a heavy focus on ecological place-based education and project-based learning, the school is a fascinating look at how you can adapt and in many ways revolutionise education for the current generation. 

It follows the British national curriculum, but its standout feature are its 'living classrooms'. It has six climate-controlled biodomes; three large, primary ones, and three smaller ones. Of the three primary biodomes one functions as a full tropical ecosystem, one is essentially a green playground, and one is an ecological makerspace where students develop critical STEAM skills. The three mini biodomes are dedicated to everything from reading spaces to plant nurseries. 

Many of Arbor's core teachings revolve around sustainability, ranging from educating children about organic food production (they have a fully functional biofarm) to introducing them to 3D printing.

Operating out of a country infamous for having one of the largest carbon footprints in the world and the Middle East, the school is a venture into the future of integrated education in a world threatened by a deepening climate crisis.

All footage courtesy of The Arbor School.

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