US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been earning a massive amount of attention - both the good kind and the bad - since the beginning of election season. Increasingly over the past months, and culminating today, ahead of Super Tuesday - the day when the largest number of states hold caucases - one particular American demographic has shown overwhelming support to Sanders: Arabs and Muslims. 

Evolving into a full-blown campaign, Muslim and Arab Americans’ endorsement is proliferating across social media platforms, with the hashtag #MuslimsforBernie going viral, accompanied with statements explaining why they are backing him.

 Syrian-American activist and advocate Isra Chaker has proudly advocated and supported Sanders, joining in the #MuslimsforBernie campaign.

Aside from the fact that Sanders is an outspoken pro-Palestinian rights candidate - who only last week publicly announced he will not be attending the annual AIPAC conference, citing their history of bigotry and discrimination against Palestinians - supporters also cite his championing of human rights, which in the US have been neglected for decades -  as well as his activist and working class background.

Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour has been advocating and campaigning for Sanders since he ran for presidency in 2016.

Syrian-American activist and advocate Isra Chaker has proudly advocated and supported Sanders, also joining in the #MuslimsforBernie campaign, explaining that she believes that Sanders “is the only candidate who has consistently battled for progressive causes and fought against special interests his entire life,” and that “he will repeal all of Trump’s racist and discriminatory policies.”


Palestinian-American political activist Linda Sarsour has also rcecently been appointed as national surrogate for Bernie Sanders, becoming a leading voice of the #MuslimsforBernie movement. Many are even calling him “Amo Bernie” and sharing artworks and posters that call for people to “vote for Amo Bernie.”

Scroll below to read some of Muslim-Americans’ endorsements, all shared across Twitter and Instagram in the past day.

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