The largest global women's eGaming fesitval - Girl Gamer - is arriving in Dubai’s Meydan Grandstand today, bringing in gaming experts, industry leaders - and Gucci Mane to headline the festival.

The first event of its kind in the region, Girl Gamer shifts the spotlight on female gamers; a recognition of the male-dominated nature of the sport, both in the region and beyond, and an active attempt at providing more opportunities for female gamers in the region. 

The festival has been setting up shop in cities around the world since 2017, and this year picked Dubai for its Middle East debut.

Gucci Mane will be headlining the festival on its final day, February 22, marking his second performance in Dubai.

Taking place from today until February 22, the event involves both educational and entertainment segments. Next to the live acts and cosplay competitions - where people will dress up as video game characters and compete - there will also be talks, panels, and keynote speeches by the likes of Emirati pro player Mirna Nour and Rush Gaming CEO Ulara Nishitani.

The talks will cover topics like how to get into the eSports industry and the importance of game commentators to eSports tournaments, with women at the centre of these conversations.

The event comes in partnership between Grow uP eSports, the organisation behind the festival, Dubai Sports Council and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in UAE.

You can find out more about the festival here.