In the wake of the seemingly endless coronavirus crisis sweeping the globe for months now, many of us are stuck at home, and the stresses of a remote work life and infection anxieties just might be getting to our heads - and are most certainly getting to our bodies. In our latest feeble efforts to fight back, we’ve decided to delve into the journey of transcending our crown chakra to new heights of consciousness… or something like that.

The Arab world in recent years has seen a plethora of yogis taking over the region and the Internet; and not only are they pursuing full-time yoga training, but many are also opting to teach yoga in Arabic, and online, making it accessible to wider audiences and pulling it out of its previously rather elite and exclusive bubble. So scroll below for 8 active and certified yoga teachers whose flows you can follow online.

1. Shadana Yoga


Palestinian yogi Shadan Nassar started Shadana Yoga with accessibility as her main goal; she used crowdfunding to be able to gather enough resources to create a comprehensive platform for anyone who wants to learn yoga in Arabic online. She now provides comprehensive online classes to her 130k subscribers on YouTube, delving deep into the practice of yoga in each video, covering everything from how to breathe properly through poses, to increasing flexibility. Emotional and mental wellness are also at the centre of her flows. You can follow her videos on YouTube, and daily instructional photos on Instagram.

2. Farah Nofal  

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Farah Integrates #FarahIntegrates || Surya Namaskar A or Sun Salutations A, is a series of postures that warms, strengthens, and aligns the entire body. It serves as an all-purpose yoga tool, kind of like a hammer that's also a saw and a screwdriver, if you can imagine such a thing. 😄 . . You Start with doing 5 to 6 rounds and gradually build to 12 or more or set a timer starting with 3 minutes and gradually increase to 10 or more.🙌🏻 . . Moving quickly is more stimulating, while moving slowly is more calming. Whichever way you do it, the sequence can serve as either a self-contained minipractice on days when your practice time is short or a warm-up for a longer session.🧘🏼🧘🏼‍♀️ . . More to come to my Yogis and Students. 💗✨ . . #FarahIntegrates #Yoga #MindBodySoul #HomePractice #Movement #GiveBack #Serve #Learn #Teacher #Humans #Yogi #Asanas #SuryaNamaskarA #SunSalutationsA #Strength #Flexibility #Health #Awareness #Knowledge #Balance #Breathe #Connect #Everyday #OnTheMat #Namaste #Cairo #Egypt

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Egyptian yogi Farah Nofal's at-home-yoga videos guide her Instagram followers through all of the essential yoga poses, from child's pose to sun salutations. She also focuses on yoga to strengthen the core, and offers a solid basis for anyone who wants to master the most basic yoga moves before exploring her more complex yoga flows, which are available on YouTube and Instagram.

3. Yoga Bil Arabi  

Palestinian Basma Masri’s famed ‘Yoga Bil Arabi’ digital platform has opened doors to a new legion of yoga enthusiasts across the Arabic speaking world, bringing together a network of Arabic-speaking yoga teachers for video tutorials taught exclusively in Arabic. But Basma also went a step further, and worked on creating an Arabic yoga syllabus that translates all of the names of the poses and accommodates the differences that exist between Arab and Western cultures (which have mainstreamed practices of Yoga primarily in the English language). “Yoga has benefited the western world is and I really want it to benefit the Arabic speaking world," Basma explained to us.

4. Amina Taha 

As one of the instructors for Alo Yoga, one of the biggest names in the yoga community worldwide, New York-based Egyptian Amina Taha is the epitome of #fitnessgoals. Her journey from novice to globally-recognised instructor in a matter of years is one of many reasons that her 350k+ followers admire and follow her so closely. Offering comprehensive online courses as well as taking everyone through her daily flows and her journeys through mastering a pose, Taha's practice is as down-to-earth as it is insanely professional and masterful. You can sign up to either of her online courses - living room sessions through here, and move with love with yoga platform moviing through here - and follow her on Instagram.

5. Lamise Mansur  

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Life with six-week old newborn means letting go of expectations and embracing the reality... Of: ❤️ Unfolded laundry ❤️ Dishes in the sink ❤️ Dinners (or any meal) not on time ❤️ Pajamas being daytime clothes ❤️ Yoga practices cut short ❤️ Unanswered texts/phone calls/emails ❤️ Frequent “wake up calls...” But they also mean: ❤️ Unlimited snuggles ❤️ Getting happy for poopy diapers ❤️ Being in total wonder of this baby who’s learning and growing everyday ❤️ a heart bursting with love ❤️ mesmerizing baby coos ❤️ Yummy baby breath ❤️ the cutest tiny clothes ❤️ Infinite gratitude for this life #alhamdulillah #6weekspostpartum Feeling like sunshine in the new pink macaroon from @aloyoga 💖

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Lebanese- and Palestinian-American Lamise Mansur's 200k-strong platform is definitely worth its numbers; the Houston-based yoga teacher's rhythmic flows and fluidity are accompanied with daily mantras that are both inspiring and genuinely practical. Her focus on rhythmic dance and freeing the body makes yoga that much more enjoyable for those who find the poses and flows more awkward and boring than accessible. You can follow her videos on Instagram.

6. Yoga Arabia 

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#وضعية_الجمل . مالوضعيات اللي تفتح الصدر و تشرح القلب. تخفف من آلام أسفل الظهر. تقوي الأكتاف والظهر. تحسن من عملية الهضم والامساك. تحسن من ليونة الجسم : البطن ، الفخذ، الصدر ، الحلق. الوضعية سهلة ومفيدة ومستحبة فقط نتجنب الشد على الرقبة وعدم الخوف من إرسال الراس إلى الخلف. لا ندخل فالوضعية مباشرة لكن نبدأ بتحمية الجسم اولا. . #يوغا #يوجا #يوقا #يوغا_بالعربي #يوغا_للجميع #يوغا_للكل #يوغا_كل_يوم #أساسيات_اليوغا #فوائد_اليوغا #يوغا_للعلاج #يوغا_للمبتدئين #تمارين_منزلية #وضعيات_يوغا #يوغا_للنشاط #يوغا_الصباح #تمارين_الصباح #رياضة_نسائية #عندي_الوقت #yoga #yogaarabia #yogaforbeginners #yogaathome #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #yogaandme #morningyoga #yogamotivation #morningroutine #yogapractice #yogasteps

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Showing us how to use yoga to aid the parts of our body that grieve us, like our knees and back, Tunisian yogi Maryem Mohamed's Instagram and Facebook yoga accounts offer detailed guides to each yoga pose, with descriptions accompanying each pose that explain how each muscle and body part should be positioned to get the pose exactly right. You can follow her videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

7. Reem Hossam  

The force behind #YogaWithReem, Cairo-based yogi Reem Hossam posts regular tutorial videos on her various flows. She focuses on teaching us the perfect Kapotasana, or backbending, and other - often intimidating - techniques that she makes seem accessible from her living room flows. As she told us in an interview with her last year, "[yoga] gives you both strength and flexibility, but you don’t get there overnight, and people see these poses in photos and mistakenly think that achieving them is easy." You can follow her videos on Instagram.