We don’t know about you but we’re constantly looking for people to obsess about and/or stalk on Instagram – especially when they happen to also inspire us at the same time. And for years we've obsessed about and/or stalked various travel couples on the social networking platform. We've followed their digital love stories presented on perfectly curated Instagram feeds, featuring row after row of incredible images from around the world. Visually riveting vistas everywhere you scroll, all set within a general feeling of their sheer adoration for each other - these bloggers inspire a sense of intense wanderlust. But though many of these bloggers frequent the Middle East to capture shots at the myriad stunning locations in the region, how many of them are actually from the Middle East? 

Travel blogging has become not only an aesthetically enviable project, but a lucrative industry. Successful bloggers can often make more than they would at traditional jobs, and their roles are fast transforming from hobbies to full time jobs. But though Arab bloggers - travel, fashion, and otherwise - have certainly found success and made a name for themselves in the industry (think Hadia Ghaleb, Mourad Osman, Karen Wazen) they have typically been individuals. When it comes to travel couples, a specific niche in the industry, it tends to be dominated by non-Arabs. We've seen endless couples with one half of them being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed women - but in a quest for representation and diversity, we've been searching for travel couples with Middle Eastern origins and roots. 

We’ve found some of the best travel couple bloggers from around the Arab world that you wouldn’t necessarily stumble upon on your Explore page. Oh, and we apologize upfront about the fact that you may end up spending every waking minute finding out the cost of flights and Airbnbs, or dealing with your angry AF boss when you tell them that you’re throwing in the towel to take Insta Stories of yourself with your (imaginary) significant other by the Eiffel Tower. To inspire your wanderlust, or make you green with 7asad, here are the Arab travel couple bloggers you need to follow on Instagram.

Lena & Bassam | @happilyeveradventures | Lebanon/USA

The story of Lena and Bassam is nothing less than a fairy tale. The newly-married Lebanese/American couple, who were high school sweethearts, are all about serving #relationshipgoals realness. Apart from traveling the world together and feeding our Insta feed with Nicholas Sparks-esque pictures, they also have an amazing blog, Happily Ever Adventures, where you can drool over even more over their images.

Farah & Timmy | @wanderlikeanegyptian | Egypt

This Egyptian couple dress well and travel even better, and we’re honestly not sure whether to be jealous of their wardrobe or passport stamps. And because both of them are writers, their captions are the most on-point and amusing we've seen in a while. There's no saccharine love letters to the idea of love; they're witty, sarcastic, and their captions are just as entertaining as their photos. Oh, and most of their travels mainly involve looking for delicious wine, and we’re very glad they’re taking us with them.

Yasmine & Sindbad | @yeswilltravel | Palestine

Traveling together since 2017 after they tied the knot, this Palestinian couple claim to be the very first Arab travel couple, winning them the honour of pioneering the field and opening the door for the rest of the couples on this list! Their Instagram feed is best described as an endless honeymoon. From the gorj landscapes of Barcelona to the tranquility of Cuba, we never want them to ever stop.

Melisse & Shahan | @cairofoodiecouple | Egypt/Turkey/Armenia

All they literally do is eat, eat, and eat some more and we’re here for it. They also travel. But they mainly eat. Whether they practice their favourite hobby at the newest restaurants in their hometown of Cairo, or somewhere abroad, your social media feed will definitely be always hungry for more wanderlust-inducing (culinary) content.

Mariam & Hussain | @dilmunicouple | Bahrain

The Bahraini lovebirds share an undying hunger for travel, photography and exploring new territories together. As we write this, they would be exploring some other part of the globe whilst devouring some new cuisine.

Noha & Majo | @majoandbubbles | Egypt

The proud owners of Cairo’s most popular food cart, Bybike, have a lot to share from their adventures. When they aren’t working their butts off, you’ll usually find them in a new continent, country, or city living their best travel lives.