A 1-million-square-metre area in Abu Dhabi is inhabited by mangrove trees, and as part of an an initiative aimed to promote ecotourism and sustainability in the emirate, there are now three walkways through which you can navigate the forest.

Jubail Mangrove Park is a project by Modon properties, located in Jubail island in Abu Dhabi, and the Qurum Walkway – one of its three walkways – is now open to visitors everyday from 8 am to 6:30 P.M. It includes six educational sections, and is also the first self-contained, educational nature and leisure destination of its kind in the emirate.

The park consists of three walkways, the longest of which is 2 km, while the shortest is 1 km. It’s also surrounded by clear water on all sides, allowing visitors unrestricted views into the marine life and the mangrove roots. Marine life at the park includes birds, fish, and crabs.

There is also a floating platform with a see-through net, a viewing tower and a beach platform.

Mangroves are very common in the UAE, covering about 150 square kilometres of the country’s coastline, and providing one of its main habitats for wildlife. They’re also known to provide natural protection from erosion that keeps environments and ecosystems intact.

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The floating platform will be used for educational purposes. 

The viewing platform allows visitors a wider viewpoint of the park.

All photos in the article are courtesy of Antonie Robertson for The National.