The Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) are hosting a series of virtual performances throughout the month of Ramadan under the name Culture is Humanity, In Solidarity. The line-up features legendary Lebanese opera singer Hiba Al Kawas, French-Tunisian contemporary artist eL Seed and Emirati calligrapher Diaa Allam, Egyptian Sufi chanter Sheikh Mahmoud Tohamy, and British singer Sami Yusuf.

Known for fusing Middle Eastern and western sounds, soprano El Kawas – who has recently been focusing on creating the first ‘true Arab opera’– will have a special original composition prepared for Ramadan, to be aired on ADMAF’s official Facebook page on May 5th and 11th at 10pm Abu Dhabi Local Time.

Contemporary artists el Seed and Diaa Allam will host an interactive ‘calligraffiti’ broadcast of sorts as they ask their viewers to suggest a word that details how they feel in the current moment, which they will then incorporate into their piece, to be held on el Seed’s Instagram page on May 7th at 9:30 pm Abu Dhabi Local Time.

On May 9th at 9:30pm Abu Dhabi Local Time on ADMAF’s Facebook page, Sheikh Mahmoud will be performing a “Harmonies of the Heart” exclusive concert release, which will entail a collection of religious poems with a modern twist, accompanied with a combination of Oriental music with Western Beats.

Finally, famous composer and singer Sami Yusuf will be performing a selection of his most popular songs, along with some new releases, lined up on ADMAF’s Facebook page on May 13th at 9:30 Abu Dhabi Local Time. 

For more information on the performances, head to ADMAF's website.