Dubai-based New Media Academy, an academic institution focused on creative industries, is hosting none other than the godfather of storytelling himself, Robert McKee, to lead a six-day storytelling programme. The author, lecturer and story consultant is joining the burgeoning media institution to mentor a new generation of Arab storytellers, and guide them on mastering the craft of writing for the page or the screen.

Some of McKee’s prodigies have gone onto work with mega household names such as Miramax, Pixar, BBC, Microsoft, Nike, Disney and Nickelodeon. Mckee alumni boast a total of 200 Oscar nominations, 60 Oscar wins, 1,000+ Emmy nominations, 50 DGA wins from 100 nominations and 100 WGA wins. Some of the most notable hits his students have gone on to work on includes Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and House of Cards.

“Nothing expresses a culture’s vision and values as powerfully as its storytelling. A well-told story unearths a universal human experience, then wraps itself inside a culturally specific expression,” said Mckee. “The New Media Academy’s brilliant vision for the future of Middle Eastern narrative art has captured my imagination and enthusiasm.”

The award-winning Hollywood veteran’s storytelling philosophy has always championed and celebrated the thought process, rigorous introspection and all it entails to create a scene. From motifs, to archetypes, to structure, McKee aims to enlighten his students to be effective and imaginative storytellers. He has, quite literally, written the book(s) on the subject, penning several coveted titles that are regarded as deeply informative texts on creative writing. “Whether Arab content creators work on screen, page, stage or digital platforms, in entertainment, marketing or the business world, the New Media Academy’s in-depth education will give their unique stories globe conquering power,” Mckee added. “I am very pleased and proud to add my teachings to this bold, creative venture.”

The highly anticipated programme will also be translated live to Arabic, inviting creators, scriptwriters, marketeers, PR professionals and any storyteller looking to up their narrative ante. Registration is open now, with the programme meant to kick off on November 23rd, 2020, and culminating with an additional two days of live Q&A sessions with McKee.

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