Saudi Arabia has entered the Guinness World Records of 2020 with the world's largest mirror-clad building, the Maraya Concert Hall, which rests in the desert region of Al-Ula, reflecting its tall, jarring sandstone cliffs and rocks.
Photo courtesy of Hers Khazeen.

The concert hall is located 22 KM away from Al-Hijr Archaeological Site, the Kingdom's first designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire region of Al Ula has seen large-scale changes in the past few years since the Saudi government established the Royal Commission for al-Ula in 2017. The Maraya Concert Hall, erected and officially inaugurated in Alin December 2018, was among those changes.  

The site-specific "object-architecture" was designed by Milan-based studio Gio Formo Studio Associato, in a short period of time, in order for it to be ready for the "Winter at Tantora Festival" which it now hosts annually, an event that includes cultural activities, arts programmes and music performances.
 Photo courtesy of Winter at Tantora.
The glass manufacturers behind the mirror-cladding are US-based Guardian Glass, who developed a first-of-its-kind interior glass product to accommodate the rough terrain of the desert. The building's exterior creates a mirage effect of the surrounding desert. “We highly value the opportunity to support the Royal Commission of Al Ula to achieve its vision for Maraya Concert Hall and capture the essence and mystery of the Al Ula valley through the mirrored glass façade of the building," said Jasmin Hodzic, AME marketing director at Guardian Glass.

Scroll below for more striking photos of the mirror-clad hall.

Photo courtesy of Andre De Mello.

Photo courtesy of Dhafer Al Shehri.
Photo courtesy of Maraya Concert Hall.
The interior of the Maraya Concert Hall. Photo courtesy of Winter at Tantora.
Main image courtesy of Blue Abaya.