UK-born photographer James Kerwin wanders the world capturing all things derelict and dilapidated. After years of exploring various genres of his chosen medium, Kerwin discovered architecture photography in 2013 and quickly honed his focus on that, choosing even more specifically to capture purely abandoned structures. Since then, he has over the course of his career, toured numerous nations from Namibia to the Ukraine and documented their abandoned architecture. 

In the past year, Kerwin ventured to the Middle East to get an in depth look at some of the derelict buildings in the region, traversing from Lebanon to the UAE to explore both centrally located structures that had been destroyed, and far flung buildings in remote areas that had been left behind and devoured by time and nature.

From theatres and hotels outside Beirut destroyed during one of the country's many wars, to entire villages left to be swallowed by the desert in Ras El Khaimah, his captivating images showcase the beauty that can be found in ruin...

You can follow Kerwin's work on Instagram here.