Our Ramadan days are rolling past, and that means Eid is drawing nearer as our waistlines draw inevitably wider. This year, our Eid tradition of watching our favourite classic Egyptian plays is getting an upgrade. Instead of TVs (remember those?) or bootlegs on Youtube (us? never!), our most quotable nostalgia fodder is coming to Netflix.

This May, Netflix MENA is bringing you a slate of some of the most iconic Egyptian comedy plays, such as the best coming-of-age high school delinquent story - that isn’t Sex Education - Madraset el Moshaghbin, the source of a million "Baba I'm going to be a belly dancer" memes El 3eyal Kebret, the true dynamic duo that put Thelma & Louise to shame Raya w Sekina, the criminally underrated Bye Bye London, and the epitome of Egyptian dad-gone-mad Sok 3ala Banatak. 

Other releases include gems such as Shahid Mashafsh HagaAl Motzawgoon, El Wad Sayed El Shaghal, and Morahek fil 50. All the plays will be available on May 21st on the streaming service.