Netflix just announced its latest Arabic production: the famed Egyptian satirical puppet, Abla Fahita, will star in a social comedy drama, appearing for the first time in a scripted role.

The show is set for release in 2020, and will be produced by Egyptian production houses OKWRD Production and ASAP productions, and executive producer Amin El Masri. It tells the story of Abla Fahita’s life after her stardom, as “both law and society chase her down,” as it says in the official press release.

Abla Fahita’s first appearance on Egyptian TV was in 2010, and she has since then acquired her own show, Live from the Duplex – in 2014 – which was later reportedly suspended in 2018, and it hasn't returned since.  

Commenting on her partnership, Abla Fahita says, “Damn this globalization! I barely had enough time for my own show and now they want me to do a series.”

“Egyptian comedy is a great product for export after the Egyptian cotton,” she continued. "And it’s obvious how the world today is a sad place in dire need of laughter. And nothing beats the Egyptian sense of humour to relieve the world of its misery.”

The show will be available in over 20 languages across 120 countries. It marks the second Egyptian Netflix production, after Paranormal, which is based on the book series by the same name, written by late Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. Paranormal began shooting in November, while two other Middle Eastern Netflix productions have already aired: Jordanian production Jinn and Lebanon-set Dollar.