Showcasing the works of 21 different Moroccan artists, IM(PULSION) is a digital exhibition and the first event held by the brand new art collective Interval, a brainchild born out of Zoom during quarantine by a collection of Moroccan and Tunisian artists including Omar Benmoussa, Amina Debbiche, Oussama Garti and Hamza Slaoui. The goal of the collective? To promote and support projects that render a high social impact.

Having launched the exhibition on July 22nd, all proceeds from the exhibition are going directly towards the artists and Institute Tahar Sebti, an inclusive school recognized founded in 1956 for children with special needs. The exhibition is best seen as born out of an urge to start an ongoing dialogue around culture in the MENA region. 

With artists including Yasmine Hatimi, Hicham Matini, Amine El Gotaibi, Mo Baala, Yacout Kabbaj, and Amina Agueznay the exhibition laser-focused on boundary-pushing concepts that encourage independent thought. The artworks range from assemblage, drawings, photography, paintings, and installations. 

The exhibition’s sales are managed by The Open Crate, who was cofounded by Amina Debbiche, also one of the founders of Interval. To view the full collection, click here.